A list of ways to earn free bitcoin

There are a lot of ways to earn a lot of free bitcoin hourly/daily. I will show you some ways where you can earn a lot of free btc.

Earn bitcoins only by pasting

This is similar to pastebin but you get bitcoin for every hit you get on your paste

Half Hour Faucets with coinbox

Half hour faucets gives you bitcoin every half hour for entering your Bitcoin Address and solving captcha. Here are a lot of them,

  1. canhasbitcoin.com
  2. faucetbtc.com
  3. elbitcoingratis.es
  4. btc4you.com
  5. freebtc4all.com
  6. virtualfaucet.net
  7. thefreebitcoins.net
  8. freebitcoins.me
  9. thebitcoin.me
  10. rawbitcoins.com
  11. srbitcoin.com
  12. nioctib.com
  13. greencoins.org
  14. btcmine.net
  15. bitcats.net
  16. bitcoinspain.net
  17. bitcoin4free.me
  18. freebitcoins4u.com
  19. fr33bitcoins.com
  20. earn-free-bitcoin.com
  21. getbitcoinquick.com
  22. freebitcoin.ws
  23. freebitcoinsfast.com

Half Hour with microwallet and other fauctets

  1. basicbtcfaucet.t15.org  use inputs.io and pays 100-500 satoshi
  2. payfaucet.com use microwallet and pays 100-250 satoshi
  3. faucet.surf4bitcoins.com use microwallet
  4. allcoinfaucet.pl
  5. route66traffic.com

BEST Hourly Faucets

These are sites that gives you a lot of bitcoin per hour some even give more than 500 satoshi or more! Here is list of all faucets I know:
  1. freebitco.in one of best faucets, you can earn a lot per hour! You can earn from 0.000004 to 0.4 btc!
  2. freebitcoinwin.com pays a lot too. You can earn from 0.0000023 to 0.2 (if you have luck)
  3. faucet.bitcoinzebra.com pays from 100-1000 satoshi

Hourly Faucets that use microwallet

  1. yourfreebtc.com not sure maybe it work for you
  2. bitcoindropper.com not sure too
  3. firefaucet.x10.mx
  4. faucet.elhappy.net
  5. crobits.org
  6. www.freedailybitcoins.com
  7. zenfaucet.x10.mx
  8. multifauceted.com
  9. pocketcoin.us
  10. bitcoinworldinfo.com
  11. hotswap.co
  12. hotbitco.in
  13. faucet.shinjaejun.com
  14. www.anonprofile.com it 54 min faucet by the way
  15. blog.cheaphotelscebu.com/
  16. justfreebitco.in
  17. laukineeuforija.puslapiai.lt
  18. freebtc4u.eu
  19. justbitco.in
  20. faucet.galat.org
  21. btcfaucet.yzi.me
  22. topptc-sites.tk
  23. btcfaucet.org
  24. bitcoinflood.com
  25. easybitcoins.tk

Earn Bitcoin by playing a little game

Play a little games and earn a lot of btc!
  1. btcrock.biz - this is similar to minesweeper but you don't need to deposit bitcoins and there are no mines you just click on any block and get some btc and one block contains jackpot that is 0.0001 btc. I got that jackpot two times it's really good site!